Adopt a Puppy!

Thank you to all the wonderful new families who have adopted the pups and will give them fantastic forever homes!

The pups were born April 9 and are a mix of Bluetick Coonhound (mother - pictured here) and Labrador Retriever.  They just might be the ultimate hunting dogs ... born to track AND retrieve!  As far as temperament, the mother is very much a companion and guardian who especially loves women and children (warms up to men slowly - we think she was abused), and the father is a happy-go-lucky playful pal. 

If you want to see more puppy photos, peruse the main blog for weekly highlights. :-)  A big thanks goes to my daughter who took the photos for the puppy profiles and gave each one a theme song!

Bella (Female) *adopted*
Black and Tan Markings; White Tail Tip
Theme Song:  Bella's Lullaby
First one born, my daughter swears her first words were "Edward" and I have to admit, the little newborn voice kind of sounded like that!  She's a lover of people and water.

Chunk/Jacob (Male)  *pending*
Black - with thin white stripe on chest
Theme Song:  You Belong With Me (Jacob Black Remix)
One of the three biggest pups, laid back personality, and quick to snuggle up with you.

Creek/Lightning (Male) *adopted*
Black - with white lightning marking on chest; Crooked Tail
Theme Song:  Watch Me Fly
Another one of the three biggest pup, the quiet explorer and people-lover.

Hobo (Male) *adopted*
Black and Tan Markings
Theme Song:  Back to Tennessee
The only boy of the "coonies" is quick to greet people and play.  He gives lots of kisses!

Juliette (Female) *adopted*
Black - with faint white markings on chest (resembled two hearts when born)
Theme Song:  Love Story
The sweetheart of the girls, this pup is a nuzzler and will seek you out and ask for a snuggle.

Lilly/Lil'Toughie (Female) *adopted*
Black and Tan Markings
Theme Song:  Rockstar
First one up and last one to sleep ... this pup is the vigilant watchdog always alert and making sure everything is OK and will stay by your side.

Miracle (Male) *pending*
Black - with white kisses on feet and nose
Theme Song:  Free Spirit
Another big pup, this boy likes to play in water and nuzzle his people.

Pineapple (Female) *adopted*
Black, faint white spot on chest
Theme Song:  Lost and Found
The last born was a precious surprise hours after Miracle.  She's a shy, quiet sweetie and loves to nap and be held.

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