Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

 A little trip down memory lane ... CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE 18!  No matter how old you are, you'll always be my little boy (and favorite son)!  I love you.  Always have.  Always will.  Happy Birthday, Jeremy.

And your own personal timeline ... it's a start! 
Disclaimer: It has been acting crazy.  It changed all your birthdays from Sept. 5, Year to Sept. 4, year 10:00 p.m. (but still showed Sept. 5 in a very tiny area at the top).   Some things don't show up in some views and do in others, dates are still changing, and I don't get it!  Like in this preview, 17 isn't showing for me (maybe it does for you). But it's there!

Jeremy Tyler Williams on Dipity.

And for some things from the memory box ... 

OK ... and now for the last part.  I was going to write some special things for you and put links to them here (not public ones, though).  I was going to text you the passwords and you could download them.  I wanted to share my heart, my dreams, my fears, and hopes ... my joys, my memories, even some of the pain, but most of all my love.

After 6 pages interrupted by tears, it's 3:38 a.m. and I still don't know how to say all the things I want to say on your birthday.  I hope the things I've posted here bring back good memories and happy moments.  I'll keep adding to them as I come across more things.  I want you to know more than anything that I love you.  And even when that love has turned into long hours of work or confrontations, there was never a time when it wasn't there.  I miss you.  And I wish I could be there with you today when you turn 18.

I want the best for you. I love you. Even though life didn't go as I had planned or hoped, you did bring joy into it ... some of it in pictures above. I've always been proud of you and your abilities, your insights, your knowledge.  So when you get your care package (some gift things some just because), know that you are loved ... no matter what!

Here are some clues until it arrives at your door: