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Chicago Wanderer

This weekend, I'm in Chicago again. This is the third time in 12 months! A year ago, I was on my first official magazine assignment. I wandered the streets of Chicago by day and went to events by night.

This past fall, the kids and I took a vacation there with my best friend. That was tiring, but also very fun.

This year, I'm back during the tradeshow but it's a little different. I got to be on the show floor this year. That felt GREAT! I created an opportunity for my company to have their first press conference, and loved being part of that. I met some of our reps for the first time, which was also GREAT! I guess I just like to be part of things. My wanderings this year, however, were limited to one evening in which K had a dinner meeting and the schedule was a little too tight for me to make connections elsewhere, which was fine by me! I walked to Millenium Park because I wanted to get photos of the skating which I missed last year. The bean wasn't invisi…

The Winner!

She soundly beat everyone by capturing villians in her PowerPuff Girls game.

Buns of Steel


Alabama sunsets ... just beautiful!

I didn't realize I would find such beauty here. But in the "mountains" there are wonderful views, rivers, waterfalls, and valleys. This shot was near a hairpin turn (a REAL hairpin turn ... I've never seen one so sharp!) where a home was built off of the point of the turn and overlooked the span of a deep valley. It's amazing people can raise children out here without losing them!

It Snowed in Alabama!

Check out my car! There are real snowflakes on there.

Last in line? We'll see about that!

Couldn't believe this! Such violence!! It was a friendly little follow-the-leader line that somehow went very wrong when the last one decided to walk on top of the one in front!!!

One of the Sweetest Honors

As much as I love photography, I really shy away from wedding photos. Honestly, I'm afraid something will go terribly wrong and the couple will be disappointed. In fact, I don't think I ever would have done one except that a friend begged, begged, begged me to do it. I guess I should thank her ... this was number 5!

Anyway, this past weekend was such a sweet honor to capture. This couple has been married for years, but now that they have become Christians, decided to have a ceremony and have the wedding they never did. The preparations probably blessed me more than the event itself. The husband was so caught up in having a special day for his wife and showing her how much he loves her. It was beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful? The vows they wrote to each other were just that. I don't know that there was a dry eye in the house that day. Just their words were inspiring, and it was truly a blessing to be involved in such a special life moment as this.