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Ribbon Tug-O-War

... And Little Tuffi (Lilly) is at the helm as always. They are 7 weeks old now! Adoptions start in a week.
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She'll Miss Those Pups

It's hard to believe they are 6 weeks old ... and seem HUGE now! We've set 8 weeks as the date when they'll be ready for homes (but could probably be fine right now). We'll miss the cuteness and having little buddies. But they will make darling little companions and future big, cozy companions for their new families! I think some (Chunk and Creek, especially) are bigger than Hank was when when we adopted him, and he was named "Hank The Tank" for a reason!

Last Day of School!

She went in as a 4th Grader and came out as a 5th Grader!
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Lynn Luckey - A Tribute to Spirit

Though she bore the name, I believe the rest of us are the ones who are luckey to have known her.  Here's to Lynn, a woman of strength and stamina.

I think the rest of the world moved too slow for Lynn.  While we muddle along in this one life we're given, I think she ran circles around us and lived twice!  Maybe that's why she was ready to move on before the rest of us?  Of course, I don't believe she was any more ready to move on than her world was ready to let her go, but it's one of the thoughts that comes at a time like this when one tries to make sense of another's passing.

It seems supremely unfair.  I was there for round one with breast cancer.  It seemed like it had been beat.  I admired her courage and tenacity.  Women like Lynn are the ones with fighting spirit who find a way to conquer everything ... including cancer.  So when I recently heard of her new battle, I wanted to believe she would beat it again even though things looked grim.  I wanted to …

Waiting on Laundry

I have finally found a few moments to pull out the camera today. Yesterday? EXHAUSTED. I didn't even bring my camera to a big event (which is unheard of). I didn't even think I'd pull it out for weekly puppy pictures. But I'm glad I finally did. Waiting on laundry has its merits - especially when it means I can capture a moment like this.

The pups are 5 weeks old now. They can't climb the stairs (well - don't know they can climb the stairs) but they can climb the couch! Daisy used to be able to find her retreat here.

My cousins visited earlier and fell in love with the pups. It made me realize how quickly time is passing. Yes, we will need to find homes for the pups, but I almost don't want to think about it! I will definitely miss the cuteness.

Girlie Treatment, Puppy Style!

I missed getting a photo of Miss M's friend, Lauren, while she was here enjoying puppies after her birthday party but here is some of her handiwork! After rollerskating, playing with puppies, swinging, doing hair and makeup ... two puppies also got the girlie treatment! Here is Juliette (named for two very tiny heart-shaped white markings on her chest) in a ruffled pink halter top borrowed from one of the build-a-bears.


Some of the most hilarious moments have come watching Daisy and the pups when they're nursing. If one happens to get it's mouth on the goodness, they all come running. Even now, when they are pretty much weaned, they still flock when they hear the sound.

I wish I had a video camera handy to share one moment in particular. After their nap, the pups found mama Daisy while she was resting. They latched on and she got up to leave. All but two dropped off and Daisy walked off. Usually that was enough, but the pups are getting bigger. Their feet can touch the ground ... and this time the tenacious two ran along side sucking with all their might while they still had the chance.

Let's just say I'm glad I'm not a dog!

Toys Are A Big Deal ...

But the big black dog (who is not so scared of the pups now) is an even bigger deal than the toys! Now that's some fun playtime! Hank still has to keep his eye on them, though. If they sneak up on him, it creates quite a moment ... He flies out of the room, regains composure, and cautiously re-enters the room to play again.

King of the Backpack ...

... or the pillow.
... or the blanket.

That's been the new fun games the pups have discovered, King of ANYTHING! It's a climb to the top and a proclamation. I wish I had a video camera of the first one I witnessed. It was a solitary triumph over the pillow. And as soon as the thrill of victory emerged with a miniature bark, the abrupt movement would shake the unsteadly little legs.

One bark. Slip and roll down the pillow.
Climb and conquer.
One bark. Two barks. Slip and roll down the pillow.

Preciousness at my feet ...

I have to say, even though the morning is full of dog-related duties, sitting down for a cup of coffee and having companionship like this is pretty special!

"I cleaned my plate!"

Each weekend is a new milestone. They are 3 weeks old and ready to begin weaning. Some have some little chompers starting to break through, so I'm sure Mama Daisy will be happy to have them eating puppy food! The first feeding was rather hilarious. I was expecting more tentativeness and surprise, but ... well? ... WOW! They dived right in and had a free-for-all!

Puppy Love

This is what we're seeing a lot of at our house (along with the steam cleaner). The puppy world has been more fun than expected and I don't even mind cleaning up after them so much ... at least not yet. I'm sure as weaning begins, that will change the whole ballgame!