Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks, Grandpa!

I got this picture in my email today. Isn't it awesome to have a grandpa who lives on a lake? Better yet ... to have a cousin who lives close enough to come be a fishing buddy on Grandpa's lake? M's little adventures have taken her up north this summer and she is having quite a time! School starts next week, and I wonder if I'll recognize my little explorer when she finally gets home and de-grandparentized! She said on the phone earlier, "I should probably go now. We have some fish to kill." I have to laugh - so matter of fact. But she isn't just fishing to fish. She's ready to EAT!
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Life truly is precious ...

Without showing faces, I just want to share a glimpse of my first maternity session. I love these beautiful moments that honor a couple's love and the miracle of new life. There's so much I'd like to write but somehow there just aren't words.

*CLARIFICATION* I got an email from my cousin and it prompted me to clarify something. I was BEHIND the camera for these photos! TOO FUNNY!

*ADDENDUM TO THE CLARIFICATION* The email from my cousin overflowing with congratulations and questions was NOT because she thought I was the pregnant one featured in these photos. Here it was from another separate blog that announced my new venture as an executive with Girl Scouts ... two VERY different things! Good for yet another laugh.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My Gold Medal Guy

How cool is this? More later, but he was able to send this from his phone!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not So Much Fun ...

OK ... so these guys are anti-fun. I now know this by personal experience (unfortunately). While taking some photos as J moved into his cabin for Baseball Camp, I got attacked! Actually, these guys weren't there when I started taking photos. Leave it to me to have to get a photo of whatever bit me before I go for help!

So ... I drive home with a very swollen hand dunked in ice water, cry for the first hour, stop partway for pharmaceutical items at Wal-Mart, and after 3 days have a normal sized hand again. I'm worried because I have photos to do the next day (I made it through - WHEW!)

At the end of the week ... I am taking pictures of the final game and I wipe out trying to get down a hill! This time I drive home with a throbbing hand (the other one), scrapes on my hand, arm, and feet, stop partway for pharmaceutical items at Wal-Mart (again!), and after 3 days finally have scabs but very sore! Again, I was worried because I had my first maternity photo shoot the next day (again - I made it through).

What is this with Baseball Camp? I think someone else needs to bring J next year!
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Frog Races ...

Sometimes the most entertaining things are the most simple. Who would have thought that frogs in a trough of water could be so much fun? My kids got their competition on with these little squishy guys at Silver Dollar City.
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Monday, July 16, 2007


I have been so blessed over the past couple of years to have visited places like these where history comes alive. I still don't consider myself a history buff or even an avid fan, but to see the icons of freedom for myself is so inspiring! I don't know why. I can't really explain it. But it's a moment of awe when I can see and touch and photograph things like this. Naturally, I have TONS of photos ... but I chose this one because of the grand scale when one realizes those little dots are people.

And I have to deeply thank my "back home" friend, Connie, for making this part of my New York adventure possible. She works for the Statue's non-profit organization and was able to get us on the boat just in the nick of time!
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Ground Zero at Night

It's not often that I have the opportunity to be on top of a tour bus in the middle of the night in New York City. And quite rare to have that tour bus unmanned with a substitute guide being a native New Yorker yelling at the top of her lungs at the back of the bus! But I have to admit, it was quite the tour and those of us within listening distance would have recommended her for the job. It's a long story and I don't have time to tell it tonight ... but I saw a grouping of photos from that night that got separated from all the others.

This is a drive by view from the scene of our 911 tragedy. Years later, I am amazed to see the efforts are still continuing in this big empty space we call "Ground Zero." It makes me think of how much longer it takes to rebuild after a tragedy. It's not a matter of picking things up and going on from there. Sometimes you have to tear down the structures that can no longer support new growth. There is a massive cleanup effort that may go on for years and years. And most importantly, there is the essential groundwork for something bigger and better in the future. Round the clock, there is something to do.

Not just in buildings, but in life as well. It inspires me to patience and dedication. It gives me hope. There is light shining in the night that brings a promise of a new and better future. It renews my drive to never give up for the best is yet to come.
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

After 20 Years ...

I didn't go to my 20 year reunion ... neither did Connie. She was one of the people I wondered about, so I decided to see if I could find her. And I did ... in New York! She and her daughter, the fabulous Miss O, welcomed us for a visit. They have decorated their place with inspiring artwork they have created and it made me want to go home and break out the paint with my little M. What a treat to catch up a bit after 20 years! Yes, 20 years. I've been one who is terrible about keeping in touch with people. But it sure is fun rediscovering those lives that went on around me and are still moving forward.

Standing on Connie's balcony, this is what I see! Isn't this amazing? If only I had a panoramic lens that could capture the whole breadth of the Manhattan skyline!
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Her first "real" camp!

This made me laugh for some reason ... I guess that's part of the camp experience!

Such a brave little camper ... a room full of 18 little girls and parents all making an exodus! She smiled and waved and was VERY excited about her first camp!

Only 3 days ... but boy was she worn out! She fell asleep on the way home, never really got to go to bed early, and after a late night of shooting off fireworks may have caught up a little. She slept almost until noon!
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Something peaceful ...

Chicago was a quick trip for a photo assignment ... not much time to wander and take my own photos! But this one has remained in my mind as a favorite. While walking the streets toward the old water tower, a Catholic (I think) seminary was right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Even though my belief reference differs, there was something special about this old building with all its saints and statues. For me, the moment was a reminder of the simple inner peace available to me regardless of the crazy circumstances around me.

And it brought a thankfulness (and still does) for the people in my life who inspire and share those peaceful moments with me. I find myself hoping I can be a source of such peace for them as well.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A fire in the hand ...

... is hopefully NOT worth two in the bush! The kids had their first 4th of July that wasn't a part of some big group or family gathering. We went to the fireworks store for the first time (what a trip!) and set them off until we closed our block down.
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