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Game night with the cousins ... And boyfriend!

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Just call me Jill ... It's a long story.

It was Jill that "came tumbling after" in the nursery rhyme ... and I can now relate! My latest of adventures involves a canyon, a fall, and new experiences in wheelchairs. Why? Well, even though I have always had a love for nature, a renewed interest in getting out of my comfort zone to experience it has motivated me to HIKE! (I talk about a little bit in my "I'm A Girl Scout!" blog.)

But for the personal side of the story ... and so I don't have to tell the story over and over ... here's what happened, and a few pictures to share the moments with you.

It started in Italy this spring. During a stay in the Cinque Terre area where there is a lot of hiking, a very long impromptu hike from a sanctuary down to the village of Riomaggiore had me wishing I were more hiking-equipped! Inspired by seeing other hikers with what I thought were ski poles, and later educated by my Girl Scout sisters about the value of trekking poles ... I bought some for my own birthda…

School Already!

It's hard to believe the summer has gone and it's that time again! Thankfully, she is still young enough to appreciate (and even expect) the "back-to-school" picture. She is growing to fast. Sometimes I am glad things are moving fast because it leaves less time for me to think about things (i.e. CRY). But most times I am wishing that life would slow down so we could more easily savor the moments.