Saturday, August 26, 2006

This is part of an amazing activity this afternoon ... preparing to mow. Remember that GIGANTIC mushroom from last month? Well, this time, nature hasn't done the "HUGE" effect. It has done the "MULTIPLY" effect! THIRTY-FOUR MUSHROOMS IN A WEEK (we counted as we removed them before mowing) ... AND NOT ITSY BITSY ONES, EITHER! I just have to say wow. Posted by Picasa

My son says I'm weird. But these things are way too interesting to ignore! Posted by Picasa

OK ... so maybe it's embarrassing to have your mom and little sister hanging around when you're being a cool football player. I think this is the "MOM - You can put that camera AWAY look!" Posted by Picasa

We girls found a little bowlegged Yorkie to play with while the long line of guys did DRUG TESTING for sports. Can you believe that? Every kid from 7th grade on up! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

I tried my hand at sports photography tonight. Amidst the buff guys with HUGE cameras, there am I. How do I get roped into these things? Oh, wait. I know. I'm about to marry a JOCK! Posted by Picasa

OK ... so I came very close to being run over at this point! Posted by Picasa

Little blondie looks on as her bus approaches for the first time. This year? A little nervous, but more excitement than fear ... and she did AWESOME! Maybe I'll get to know some parents this way. It seems to be a morning ritual for some. I don't know names yet, but Nice Neighbor Mom lives close to me. Coffee Cup Mom lives on the other side, and after day one she stayed there! Happy Smiley Mom lives on the opposite corner and seems fun ... coffee cup stays in smiley's yard. This is my new little morning world. Posted by Picasa

The athlete is still the shy one. Football is the new big adventure. It's tough, but I'm so proud of him! GO TIGERS ... whoo! whoo! whoo! Posted by Picasa

Isn't this sad? Not my little girl, MY CAMERA! It needs help. I think I need a new one so I can zoom ... otherwise this is what happens! Plus, I can take sports photos for the local paper (I'll let you know if that happens) ... so I may be joining my sports-minded soulmate in a little photo action! Posted by Picasa

Big brother is on the team ... can you find him? (This was cool ... I got to see my cousin here, even though her son wasn't playing in the scrimmage - he is on opposite nights.) Posted by Picasa

Little sister is the cheerleader and "sodee" drinker on the sidelines. Posted by Picasa

There's nothing quite like a sunset at Dad's place! Posted by Picasa

Grandpa and big brother watch as the sun sets on a wonderful family reunion and a happy little fisher-girl content to spend her day on the dock. (I have more reunion photos ... I'll have to put them online when I get a chance to transfer them from the laptop!) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Working on photos ... what do you think of my office? Am I spoiled (code for "blessed") or what??? Posted by Picasa

Now this is what I call a VIEW! This is the location of some of the most tranquil thoughts and content moments I've had since childhood. This is MY kind of Vegas sightseeing! Posted by Picasa

My first souvenier of Vegas ... from a romantic dinner for 5! I have to laugh. There were only two of us that were romantic! Posted by Picasa

A week of photos in Vegas? Maybe it's a gamble, or maybe it's my lucky weekend! But I know one thing ... it's a sure bet to be fun with my favorite person by my side! (I'm so cheesy ... hehehe)Posted by Picasa

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