Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Girl vs. Prairie Girl

Now this is not something the prairie has to offer!  The view was absolutely breathtaking when I went to the rooftop terrace of my tiny Manhattan hotel.  Like so many of my favorite moments, I had the wind in my hair, a sky full of color, and a quiet moment taking in an expansive view. 

I used to think I was a pretty good combo of both city and prairie.  Maybe I still am ... but I know I am drawn to the vistas and horizons wherever I am and when I'm in a big city, it never feels like home.  If I imagine myself living there, it's imagining myself in another phase of life.  And this moment, as appreciated as it was, seemed like something that might grow old eventually.  I never thought I'd say that - but maybe I think about things a little bit more when I'm alone, or maybe I realize how alone I am and people seem overwhelming, or maybe I'm just not as connected to the citified hopes and dreams I once held, or maybe I'm too tired for the city ... at least right now. 
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