Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reading ROCKS!

The last few days of school are here. These reading awards are a constant on the neck of my little one lately! She met more "AR" (advanced reading) goals than anyone in her class. Can you tell I'm a proud mama?
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

And FINALLY ... Germany!

While I didn't spend much time out in the countryside, this is a typical quaint and picturesque view as I went speeding toward my first taste of Germany. To see more of the trip to and from Cologne and Frankfurt, click on the web album below.
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scared Turkey

I scared a wild turkey today ... and he scared me! Of course, not the best photo, but it sure was a moment! I was taking the scenic route back to Grand Rapids and noticed a sign for a nature reserve. I decided to turn off the highway and follow the signs. The pavement turned to gravel. The birds seemed louder. Before long I found the reserve and though it was closed, it had a brochure and well-marked trails. So I took a hike! My peaceful serene photo walk (complete with Dr. Seuss flowers - I'll share that sometime, too) was suddenly turned into a tiny adventure ... for both me and the turkey! Evidently I got too close for comfort and he decided to leave his hiding place. Little did he know, I would never have spied him where he was. The sudden escape sounded more like a mini tornado. After I realized what had happened, I tried to grab a photo of him fleeing the forest. Thankfully he flew AWAY from me - I think he could have taken me down! I didn't know they were so HUGE!
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just as Good as the Ocean

Guess where I am? It's not the ocean (though it feels like it). It is LAKE MICHIGAN! Being from Minnesota, the Great Lakes are a pretty common thing. But I had never seen Lake Michigan from the sky or from the land that I can ever remember. It is massive! And it is beautiful, too. While this has been a tiring trip, the trees and water have been refreshing elements. It does something good for my soul to have sand between my toes and the wind in my face.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Therapy

No, it's not gardening. My therapy is just getting my camera out to deliberately look for a moment of life and beauty. This little moment lives in my yard ... along a fence where some gardening might be beneficial!
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day = FAMILY Day

Nice to live in Oklahoma now ... family is here, so on special days, we can be together! It's always a treat when Uncle James joins us!
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rooster Days

His first parade ... and I was on the wrong side of the street! I finally found him when it was too late to get a picture of his face from the front! WAH!
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Little M thought she might like to do this in a parade someday.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flying High

Family Fun Night ... my little one is flying high! School is almost over, and it hardly seems possible. I met the "gifted" teacher tonight and she exclaimed how much she is looking forward to next year with my daughter in Kaleidoscope (their gifted program). Things like that sure make me smile!
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I know why toads are fat.

OK ... so I really don't get into this. I mean REALLY don't. But I love to watch my kids have fun and grab these little mini-adventures along the way. This creature became named "Freddy" and lived in a big cardboard box for one night. Even our dog, Daisy, liked the frog! I was probably the least pleased. When the new acquisition was proudly displayed, it promptly began going #1 ... and going ... and going ... and going! No sooner had the kids put it in its box than it started going #2 in the water bowl ... and it was a monster! I didn't know that much waste could fit inside a frog! It seemed thinner after all that.
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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Have you ever visited a place so special that you could imagine spending a lifetime soaking in the sights and sounds? Norway was that for me. The experience seemed to melt blissfully from moment to moment. Choosing to spend the brief handful of days in Oslo, I can only imagine it would take a lifetime to take in the beauty and culture throughout the country. This is one place to which I can say, "I will be back."

FINALLY ... I sorted through the hundreds of photos and came up with 300 or so of my favorites.
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She loves the stage!

More modeling! Today, it was a trip through the years as girls modeled Girl Scout uniforms. My little one showed the introduction of the "Daisy" uniform. She liked that because even though Daisy troops are for younger girls, that's her dog's name! WOOHOO!
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sweet Sounds of Family (and funny faces)

The band concert has started and we're anxiously awaiting the 7th and 8th grade bands. I've already done my crazy cousin lady photog role and went down to the band area to take photos. Little M has Little L by her side and is a happy camper. My thought at the moment is simply, it's nice to have family!
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Modeling in High Society

As my little model passed by this table, Ginny Creveling saw her 1957 Brownie Girl Scout uniform and exclaimed, "That's my FAVORITE uniform!" During this Juliette Low Leadership Society Luncheon, there were so many women who do so many wonderful things at our event. But Ginny Creveling is one who stands out in my mind because I saw her on the cover of Tulsa People magazine ... Woman of the Year (I think)? Naturally, I couldn't resist asking for a photo.
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How slow do you want the fire to burn?

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