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Lazy Days

Just got back from a day at Camp Tenkiller with my little photog assistant. As you can see, she had a VERY difficult job today. She loved it! We'd go back in a heartbeat ... and plan to!

In case you're "neckless" ...

I have to admit I found this wonderfully humorous. These are settings on a medical emergency neck brace ... tall, regular, short, or NECKLESS!

Pirate Debut

Inspired by my irresistible K, the fascination with all things piratey has rubbed off on my little M. This theatrical (camp skit) debut as "Captain Jack" had her humming for days!

The secret plan ...

The coach walked up to the parents and absolved himself of anything about to happen. The guys got together and conspired to trick the other team. The third baseman hid the ball in his glove and went back to base. They called the runner out. LOL ... silly boys.

Baseball with the boys ...

A day with the Tulsa Drillers ... how cool is that? My little one got to be part of the fielding workshop. She is such a good sport! We shared the experience with all kinds of baseball teams from the area, and WOW are there a lot of little boys around! I'd share some of the photos from the stands, but I don't know that nose picking and face making are all THAT entertaining!