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Selling Girl Scout Cookies

As I look at my white board after my daughter visited my office last week, I recall a line from my grandmother's poem ... "Annette and Ingrid have orderly minds and even make lists when they play." My daughter seems to have inherited my love of lists!

She will probably inherit my schedule as well, which right now is very demanding and the reason why I have not kept up with kid photos on the blog! But I'm taking a moment today because I wanted to help my little Brownie with her "sell cookies" goal. Last year she wanted to do a super-fun video, and we made it happen with music and photos. This year she wanted to get a Girl Scout "build a bear" outfit and have a photo shoot with her bear selling cookies. UNFORTUNATELY we might be too busy this weekend, which is the last weekend to take orders. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share, but just in case, I wanted family and friends to know that you can comment here or email me (or littls M) and she …

First Chess Tournament

What a girl! I didn't even know she REALLY knew how to play, so I was trying to make sure she understood the announcements. Not only did she understand, but she explained to me what they were talking about!