Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A moment in time ... elements of hope and struggle. As my daughter and I go through another "intake," I noticed the irony of what was on my wrist. A bracelet she made while in residential therapy last spring symbolizes love and dedication and hope. A set of keys to lock away pills, technology, and sharp objects speaks to the struggles we have been enduring since the spring of 2012. As I sat there with her last night, backpack full of clothes for yet another stay in a facility to stabilize her and keep her safe while we navigate the risky behavior that threatens her existence, I am holding back exhausted tears. I haven't spoken this publicly of our challenged path.  But I wonder if I should start. Certainly we are not the only ones dealing with the cascade of attacks that would suck the life out of one so young and gifted.


Unknown said...

My son was not yet 9 when we began antidepressants. Therapy had begun at 7. From that history of empathy I offer love, respect and prayers for you both.

Unknown said...

I love you sister, and I'm praying for you and your beautiful daughter! God is good, and He is holding you both in His arms! I'm praying for peace, understanding, and comfort for you both!
Nikki ;)

Ingrid said...

I have NOT been paying attention to blogs at all. *sigh* Maybe one day when life breathes a little more freely, I will be able to do so. Kim and Nikki ... you are precious to me!

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