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Forgetting Coffee ... and Remembering Italy

I tried to enjoy a cup of coffee this morning. I think it took me 2 hours to finish. I'm the most distractable person sometimes! With the schools closed for winter weather and a 2-hour delay at the office, I was determined (or so I thought) to take a personal moment ... coffee and a notebook.

Personal moments = quiet time to remember other things I meant to do already.

Of course, I don't want to forget those things. I pop up and go take care of this little thing ... and then that little thing ... oh, and then the other thing. And it all leads to one much bigger thing. Good thing I don't need hot coffee (mine tends to turn into "frapuccino" most days). I still have my craving for personal time, but now I realize I have to HURRY to get to work. *SIGH*

Sometimes I think I absolutely have to travel in order to disconnect and unwind a bit (and even then, it's a challenge). I wanted an Italy coffee moment this morning. This photo is about as close as I…

Girl Scouts ... Not Just For Girls

I remember walking into a room full of incarcerated women all waiting for a very non-traditional Girl Scout troop meeting. Hidden behind the crowd of children were two - a brother and sister - there for the first time. The room quickly filled with chatter and hugs, but one moment stood out above the rest. It happened so quickly, I don't remember who saw whom first, but they ran toward one another and the room opened to give them their moment. Hearing the emotion-filled, stabbing cries of a mother mingled with those of her children as they embrace for the first time in years is ... well ... for lack of a better word, it is profound. A Girl Scout, a "tagalong" brother, an incarcerated mother all joined together, now working together toward hope. This is one of the faces of Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouting truly goes far beyond the young girls. I've been thinking about how many connections a girl has in her life ... and they are significant. Imaging if you could inject coura…

The Beauty of Balance

There is symmetry and beauty in many things. While the play of intricate detail all balanced one with another is remarkable ... I'm also discovering it's largely decorative.  BALANCE.  It always seems so exact.

So I'm thinking about balance in life, which is everything but exact or equal!  Balance is something I hear will save my work-a-holic soul, but I just can't figure out how to get there.  Until yesterday, my vision was one of the scale with two arms that balances everything equally.  I am not a rigid or even a very disciplined person, though I do have a desire for equality.  But I could drive myself mad in trying to achieve it.

Yesterday I was thinking about a number of things ... I started imagining the circus performer who balances a myriad of objects while on top of something ridiculous - like a unicicle or a ball - and it takes a great deal of constant motion to keep everything from toppling.  Now that's more like life.

Then I imagined the ecosystems of …

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Before I do anything else today (and the opportunities are HUGE as I have the day off and at least a dozen projects in flux) ... I want to be sure I publicly wish my mom a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I just happened to ask if there were plans for celebrating her birthday, thinking that I'd probably be able to make time to crash the event with some other Tulsa relatives, and was surprised to find that having special birthday dinners with my step-dad was more of the default and not the actual plan. And it hit me. She's a mom! Moms do everything for others ... They work to make the world go 'round and it doesn't always come back to them. (I'm learning.)

So this weekend, even though time is tight, we had enough to meet partway for a special birthday lunch in Independence, KS at an Italian restaurant Bella Vita. We arranged a special birthday surprise ... didn't they do a nice job? Of course, we also did our traditional birthday blessing (each of us wrote down how she has…

Mini Me

Junior Achievement BizTown is something all 5th Graders get to do here ... and it's pretty awesome!  They run a miniature town for a day.  Usually I'm the one with a camera in my hands, but look at my little one! She's the BizTown Tulsa World Photographer.  They actually create and publish a little newspaper for the day.  How cool is that?