Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stats ... Interesting and FRUSTRATING!

I love stats ... and when a bunch do similar things at the same time, my ears perk up! Seems like there is a localized interest that is combing the archives. All the "regular" visitors are doing "regular" things but there is a handful of people from 4 neighboring communities that have spiked the stats nearly 38400% (yes, I checked) just on the main page alone (not to mention the archives). Makes you take note, doesn't it? It's been going on for a little while and I haven't had much time to follow through. Let's just say that I've been curious, then interested, then suspicious, and now FRUSTRATED!

I thought about posting some fascinating charts and graphs, but rethought it as I didn't want to leave any identifying information available to the public. Besides, I'm a geek and and love visual elements charts offer to illustrate statistics, but to others it is probably overkill. So ... I'll keep it simple. To the "spikers" in the midst, please note yesterday's post and consider this an invitation to dialogue. Satisfy your curiousity and post a comment! I'll answer. You can even send an email via Yahoo to IndigoBleue if a public blog forum is too public.

In the meantime, I'll just keep watching. I'm suspicious of silence - especially when there is much going on underneath the surface.

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