Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dominique Dawes and her chauffeur ...

OK ... so I hate being on my own blog, but c'mon! This is Dominique Dawes! I had the pleasure of picking her up at the airport along with little Miss M. We waited and waited and waited, and after I couldn't stand it any more, I snuck off to the bathroom and left my daughter by the security guard holding a sign that said "DOMINIQUE DAWES" (and wearing her renaissance costume from her gifted program that day). It was a cute sight! Of course, Dominique arrives in that moment. By the time I returned, little M had told her about a plethora of life events and Dominique knew more details about our family and life in Tulsa, Oklahoma than most!

I will have to try and capture the portion of Dominique's speech from our luncheon because she mentioned little M! I wish I would have taken photos of our personal afternoon with Dominique before her Q&A session at the Council office (for Girl Scouts who wrote essays and some of our outreach girls). A couple of the girls there were gymnasts ... one in particular cited Dominique as her inspiration. Even though she was too young to be aware of it at the time, she later grew up watching video tapes of the Olympic Games and Dominique Dawes. What an amazing opportunity for her to sit in a room with 25 girls and Dominique!!!
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