Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Children of Divorce

I'm working on my laptop with the TV on ... I'm trying to find research about parents and kids (values, needs, expectations) for a project at work ... and the program on right now is talking about kids caught in divorce. It makes me so sad. It's not just on behalf of all kids of divorce. My emotions ride high toward my own children when I see the gap between what I desire for my kids and what I see. There are things I can't fix. It's like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall and not being able to put back together again. Life has to be redefined. The road is different and unfamiliar. There are some successes, there are some failures, and there is love underneath everything that isn't always expressed as it should be. And I find myself having to try and be strong - when I probably need to be vulnerable (as well as vice versa).

I am a child of divorce.
My children are children of divorce.
And none of us had parents that expected to forge that path.
We all had dreams that didn't come together as we expected.
But as long as there is hope, I believe new dreams can be born.


Reality said...

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say thanks. i can identify. My divorce will be final Tuesday. Hard to believe. 10 years of marriage disolved in 3 months. I too, never expected to be here. I had planned for my family to look differnt. My child is now a child of divorce just as I am.
I just had to take a Parenting class required by the state for those divorcing and have children. It was interesting. They went through the stages of grief from both the parents and children's side. It was a hard reality to swallow. Sad as well were seeing those parents in the room that were recentful for having to be there. Sad for their children.

Anyway - I am off to my new life. Glad to know that I am not the only one.

Ingrid said...

I thought I responded to this long ago! Something must have gone wrong ... and my apologies for not noticing. (SIGH - that's the life of busy moms, isn't it?)

Divorce is so difficult to navigate. I hope your road will become strong and smooth ... or that it at least becomes vibrant and completely your own! I'm on my way over to your blog right now for a visit to see how "REALITY" is doing! :-)

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