Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She Named Him ...

And his name was Hobo. And sadly, now she will have to say goodbye. I don't know if Hobo will keep his name with his new family, but it certainly got him FAR! Of all the pups, he will be the first to "hop a plane" (trains are too slow) and travel out of state. I chuckled at this note about the word "hobo" on thesaurus.com:

a hobo is a migratory worker who likes to travel,
a tramp travels without working,
and a bum does not travel or work

I'm glad his namesake carries a work ethic and some culture! ANYWAY ... tonight was a chance to spend a little time with him at the softball game before he goes to the East Coast at the end of the week. He made friends with a toddler, never jumped once, and every time she cried he ran to check on her. What a sweetheart!
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Ingrid Williams "imagirlscout" said...

Want a Hobo update? He has a fabulous family on the east coast who absolutely fell in love with him. He learned to swim last weekend and will be spending a lot of time with them on boats. He will LOVE that!

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