Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aspiring Actress Update

Now that she's been on an actual audition, does that make her an actress? I guess not until she gets a role! The update for today was just the audition itself. She didn't want me to go in with her (GASP!), so I waited with the other parents and girls. Later on, we got an email with all kinds of information to fill in on a profile. Not sure if that's a good sign or something everyone who auditions does ... but we'll see!

It was interesting to see the other girls there for the punk/emo/goth group scene. One was really quite cute with black and purple hair, piercings, etc. A couple others looked like shy girls with dark eyes, but authentic. One looked like "Wanna Be Emo Barbie" (but was awfully full of sparkles and all new/shiny like) with modeling comp cards in hand. And one more looked like country singer cutie pie with skinny jeans and flannel. Miss M? She's mild but authentic ... just like you see her above (another favorite photo of hers from last night): skinny jeans, hoodie, worn-out converse and the eye makeup she so desperately wants to wear (but mom usually vetos).

She brought some prints to school (the two we emailed last night) ... scared kids, I hear. Maybe they were just being, ummm, dramatic? I have to laugh.
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