Friday, October 22, 2010

Daddy, where are you?

Most days seem to hold everything but peace ... instead the days are a blur as I race through trying (and failing) to do everything that is crying out for attention.

I am reminded of a day when my son was racing around in circles on his Big Wheel in the basement.  Those things are notoriously LOUD, and he was doing a good job of stirring up the noise.  But above the clatter of the wheels, I could hear him yelling over and over, "DADDY! WHERE ARE YOU?"  His father was answering him every time, but there was no way he could hear him over the noise he was creating. 

The picture seems a lot like me when life is so busy that I feel like I'm going around and around in circles.  I am!  And I'm probably making so much "noise" in my life that I can't hear the answer to my heart's cry ... whether it is to know where "my daddy" is, know my purpose, feel connected, or simply taste the sweet relief of peace.

How simple would it be to stop for a moment and ask those questions in silence?  Maybe more simple than I realize. 
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