Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Beauty of Balance

There is symmetry and beauty in many things. While the play of intricate detail all balanced one with another is remarkable ... I'm also discovering it's largely decorative.  BALANCE.  It always seems so exact.

So I'm thinking about balance in life, which is everything but exact or equal!  Balance is something I hear will save my work-a-holic soul, but I just can't figure out how to get there.  Until yesterday, my vision was one of the scale with two arms that balances everything equally.  I am not a rigid or even a very disciplined person, though I do have a desire for equality.  But I could drive myself mad in trying to achieve it.

Yesterday I was thinking about a number of things ... I started imagining the circus performer who balances a myriad of objects while on top of something ridiculous - like a unicicle or a ball - and it takes a great deal of constant motion to keep everything from toppling.  Now that's more like life.

Then I imagined the ecosystems of nature, how they maintain their own balance ... but it doesn't mean exact or equal, either.  There are seasons. There are storms. And yet, there is somehow a harmonious balance that exists and sustains the life within.

So my new thought is that there can be a great elastisicity to true balance.  This is my new picture of balance, and it's one I might be able to embrace!
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