Friday, September 01, 2006

While big brother practices football, this is a common site. Little sister is looking in from her favorite perch ... my sunroof! I was going to put a picture of the kids actually working today (no school - WOOHOO - wait, strike the WOOHOO. If all the chores get done, I'll reclaim that WOOHOO later!) ... but when I aimed the camera at my son fixing the vacuum cleaner, he said "MOM! NO PICTURES!" His reason was that his hair was "messed up." I seem to hear that a lot now that he's a teen ... not just about hair, but everything. If he doesn't like something or it seems unfair (to him, of course) he says, "That's MESSED UP!" Maybe I am getting old ... I only remember that being said about my room! Posted by Picasa

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