Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Day At The Zoo

It rained and drizzled and was quite a grey day for a zoo visit ... but we really had a great time. I chaperoned and had two little girls in my charge who were quite a delight, so it was a breeze for me! Of course, there were a few hundred photos, but click on the link above for just a few highlights. We saw all kinds of animals. A giraffe was VERY close to us, a sea lion winked at us, and we tried to avoid monkeys because of a bad experience one of the little girls had with them.. And a rhino poo impressed all of us with the sheer amount! I didn't get good photos of the monkeys we did see, but they were doing some gross things so it's for the best. One little girl commented on their poo ... "It looks like french fries!"

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