Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More clues ...

... but no home for our canine visitor yet. I thought I'd try to find out what breed she is. K said it looks like she has some bloodhound in her, and she has a distinctly hound-like bark (which sounds a little like a sea lion to me ... ORK! ORK!). She seems pre-programmed to "point" when some extra-special scent wafts by. Anyway, I went online and looked up bloodhounds first ... she's definitely not that! She's much too tall, lean, and doesn't have enough skin! So I looked up hounds in general and found that she looks like the "black and tan" Coon Hounds! No wonder she reminded me of a hunting dog. I guess they are "tree dogs" but I don't really know what that means yet! I suppose they hunt for things in trees ... like coons! The good things I learned (in case we end up as her family)? They are very calm in nature and make great family pets as they are very good with children. They supposedly live long lives ... 15 years! Posted by Picasa

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