Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It seems these things don't open easily when you want them to -or- open when you least expect it. As I was trying to open this crescent roll can (which was an event in and of itself), it brought me WAY back to my late teens. It was the summer I turned 19 and was trying to get my life back together. I spent a couple of weeks out in North Dakota and upon vacating my grandmother's farm, I took the rest of my food things with me. I had a similar tube of biscuits in a small cooler.

Evidently I forgot about it by the time I arrived at a camp I attended with my cousins. When I got back in my car at the end of the week, something smelled a little strange ... and I couldn't open my cooler! At first it was just weird and I couldn't figure it out. Finally, I was able to pry open the cover just a bit and shortly found the exploded biscuits AND the odor! Posted by Picasa

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