Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not So Much Fun ...

OK ... so these guys are anti-fun. I now know this by personal experience (unfortunately). While taking some photos as J moved into his cabin for Baseball Camp, I got attacked! Actually, these guys weren't there when I started taking photos. Leave it to me to have to get a photo of whatever bit me before I go for help!

So ... I drive home with a very swollen hand dunked in ice water, cry for the first hour, stop partway for pharmaceutical items at Wal-Mart, and after 3 days have a normal sized hand again. I'm worried because I have photos to do the next day (I made it through - WHEW!)

At the end of the week ... I am taking pictures of the final game and I wipe out trying to get down a hill! This time I drive home with a throbbing hand (the other one), scrapes on my hand, arm, and feet, stop partway for pharmaceutical items at Wal-Mart (again!), and after 3 days finally have scabs but very sore! Again, I was worried because I had my first maternity photo shoot the next day (again - I made it through).

What is this with Baseball Camp? I think someone else needs to bring J next year!
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SC said...

Just going thru your blog. Love your pictures. I really mean it. I Love them. The way you write makes me feel like I'm there. It's so nice being friends with you, thanks.

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