Saturday, September 22, 2007


First home run of the game ... and I got it (on camera)! Then the 2nd ... 3rd ... 4th ... I couldn't believe it, I caught each Cubbie Homer! I do believe I have earned a place in the ranks of honorary Cub fans. I honestly can't claim full membership, but I had fun being at Wrigley today! My first time was last summer with my wonderful K and our friend S. Those who know me know that I am not a sports fanatic by a long shot. I'm quite oblivious and happy that way. K, however, is a jock and a Cubs fan. I have found that sporting events can be fun - especially if I bring my camera. Just wait 'til I post my clip of the Chicago Gay Mens Chorus singing the national anthem and the perfectly timed "fly by" or whatever they call it when the jets appear over the scoreboard! I felt like I was in a movie today and was totally surprised by the excitement that bubbled up in me. I came here to relax, and surprisingly this was just the thing!
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