Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One day when she's famous ...

... I'll have this photo of her first official dance class! Who knows what the future holds, but the teacher couldn't believe she had never taken a dance class before. She's evidently a natural (which doesn't surprise me). But more than anything, I just want her to really enjoy developing a talent. That isn't a problem. Dancing is something she loves to do already ... and I'm thrilled to find a good place for her to learn!

I have to admit, there's part of me that was so happy for this moment as a mother. It has been years since I had originally started to look into either gymnastics or dance for her - especially after a trainer noticed her while we were on vacation and said she was built for gymnastics and encouraged us to seriously pursue it. Life circumstances got in the way ... and it has always hurt my heart. So tonight was very special for me, too.
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