Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Little Citizen ...

I'm a very proud mom of a proud girl today! I could hardly wait to blog this. Each month, students are chosen from each class as a "STARtastic Student" (like a Student of the Month) for a specific attribute that is a theme for the month. This month? Citizenship. And my daughter's name was called! Here's what the teacher said about her ...

"M--- has a very friendly, easygoing personality. She is polite and always willing to help. I can count on M--- to do what is right. With her positive attitude, she is great example in our classroom."

Talk about proud! I was SO excited and happy for her. Of course, the Girl Scout part of me just LOVES that she was chosen for citizenship. But the mom part of me just wanted to burst. This has been a year for my little one to blossom!
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