Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keeping Up Is Hard To Do

We can't seem to keep up ... wait ... I can't seem to keep up. Miss M is on top of the world and ready for more! Within one week, we have had several days of squeals and excitement and research. Yes, research (she is my daughter)! At this moment, she is researching dance costumes. We have also Googled several other things including how to break in pointe shoes.

But I'm getting ahead of our amazing week! Here are the cheers in the past few days:

• Got glasses ... seeing is amazing.
• Auditioned for South Tulsa Children's Ballet (Nutcracker performance).
• Had her first private dance lesson.
• Impressed her teacher by learning almost the entire song (solo competition coming up).
• Made the Leadership Team at school (guess which role? BROADCAST - yep, my daughter.)
• Ballet instructor said she is ready for pointe.
• Won a couple of drawings ... always exciting!
• Received notification that she is a SNOW FAIRY (Nutcracker).

I think I'm missing something. Then again, I'm thinking this couldn't have happened in a week! I'm adding up the days ... Nope. It's happened within 5 days. Keeping up is definitely hard to do!
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