Saturday, September 05, 2009

Morning Moments

I think we have started a tradition ... Labor Day Weekends at Camp Tallchief. The first was an attempt at a family birthday weekend with J, but it didn't go over that well with him! He is not my nature boy. Now that he is in Ohio, I have to admit that being at Camp Tallchief is kind of my escape. It's been a year, but it is still so hard to think of my boy being elsewhere.

Time out for a happy birthday message ... To my J, I truly do hope it is a great day for you and that it is celebrated well out in Ohio. My heart always wants the best for you, more and more as each year approaches! I LOVE YOU and always will.

Year three, and we had K's family as visitors a couple of times. WONDERFUL! And the serenity of waking with the horses? PRICELESS. I have to admit that it is tempting to volunteer to be the wrangler (though my horse days are decades behind me) and live out here endlessly!

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