Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Little Miss M and I had a fireside night ... which for us is still pretty busy! We burned 12 CDs of the songs she recorded, did 12 CD layouts, and cut 12 CD inserts (part of her Christmas gift project). We ate a lovely meal of couscous and shrimp. She stabbed herself with her fork. And she just reminded me that she lost her tooth (that's where she "stabbed" herself)! The dogs were ever so cute, sweet and lovey-dovey (while smelling the food, of course).

I was inspired by the fire and got my camera out ... and then decided to make a little Christmas card for everyone. I always want to send cards and rarely end up doing it. BUT - this I can do! I have received the cute letters from my relatives telling about the year ... in poetry, in drawings, in pictures. It inspires me! But I rarely am able to find time to get it all done.

So, here's my candle, and my wall
And my wishes for y'all!

How's that for a holiday rhyme? Maybe in the coming days, I'll find time to sit and write (and I know I owe some emails to several people when I get some quiet time). But the fire is slowly dying and it's time for a game of Battleship!
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