Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So ... I'm working along at the computer, listening to Imogen Heap's live video blog.  She shares about the song, where it's at, plays a bit (I'm loving it all), and then she and Andy Carne (I think) talk a bit about the images being shared.  I hear her mention spokes, he mentions "IndigoBleue" (GASP! ME!), and she talks a bit about liking the concept and how seeing things close up can convey such a depth and width of meaning.

I had to go back later to actually see the footage since I was working on something else ... and they showed my picture on the air!  How cool is that?  My photo ... and Imogen Heap right there.  For family and friends interested in seeing the little segment, here's the link (it happens at the 30 minute mark):

Glad I got up the courage to go find a bike shop and ask if I could take some photos!
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