Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Even more Imogen Heap Excitement!

This screen shot of the video concept has me wondering if that just might be my sunflower video projected on her back!  MAYBE!!!  I was catching up on the video blog tonight and in addition to this, there were some MORE specific photo mentions!!!  Imogen was sharing some of her personal favorites, and the second mentioned was one of my dirty rusty things, the third was of my "teal" dirty rusty things.

I'm beginning to think/hope that I might have a chance at being one of those invited to Imogen Heap's house on Monday!  I wonder if I could/should consider going as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity (should it happen, of course).  Hmmmmmm.

Here's the link to the video blog.  You can look for the following things in the timeline:
11:10 - "Somebody's Sunflower" projected on her back ... maybe mine????
26:30 - my photos of "dirty rusty things"
26:52 - bicycle things - not specific, but two of mine are bicycle images!

By the way, her sketch of the video concept will be going on ebay with the $$ being donated and the person winning the sketch also being invited to attend Monday.
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