Friday, December 08, 2006

My first Christmas Party with the Girl Scouts ... and I had to steal to come away with this ornament! (Actually, it was stolen from me first, and I was able to creatively steal it back once another turn had passed ... I'm working on the guilt.) But how cool is that? My first Christmas in Oklahoma (note the date) with K! It's romantic! And considering our "Santa Talks" lately, it's the perfect ornament. Come to find out, Pier 1 has a series of these. They are handpainted from the inside! We may have started a tradition! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!
We must think alike since books, coffee and bubble baths are on the top of my relaxation list.
Do you have a favorite author? A fellow librarian has a great book website called Bookmark My Heart. The address is: htp://
I tease her because she reads "literature" - I read fluff!
Have a great day!

Ingrid said...

Maria ... books, coffee and bubble baths ROCK! If I can combine all three, I'm one happy girl. And whatever does it for the moment - whether "literature" or "fluff" or "research" - it's kind of like getting a fix!

I wish I could say I have a favorite author. It pondering it for a moment, it makes me think I need to read MORE! It depends on my mood and my motivation, I think. For a while, I loved C.S. Lewis. But I felt like I got so spoiled with finding something rich while being entertained with a story that it took me a while to get back to what I most often do - study. I know, BORING! I love learning, though. Probably my favorite thing is to study words ... their origin, the shades of meaning, how they are translated into other languages ... it's just interesting to me.

That being said, it sounds like I'm probably studious and disciplined. I am not! And more recently, I have been reading some things specifically NOT to study. That has been quite a luxury, and I am trying not to feel guilty! Usually I read something that has some sort of benefit to me ... my current read is "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. I'm reading it in bits and enjoying it more than I realized. A good friend (a musician who was a past music partner of mine) recommended it and I feel like there are bits of freedom waiting for me each time I read the words.

I visited the site you mentioned and thought WOW - people are serious about their books! It's amazing what a passion in life can generate. It's almost like breathing. Maybe one day I'll look back and realize there's quite a path in my wake ... but for now I look at the lives of others and am amazed how full and rich one life can be - especially when one takes the time to communicate some of those things to the world around. The capacity is pretty amazing!

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