Sunday, December 17, 2006

This was another one of my thrills this weekend ... an EAGLE! I was between appointments, standing by a river, and was getting ready to get into the car when I saw "a bird" and almost thought, "Nah, I'll won't take more time. I'll just hop in and go." But for some reason, I couldn't resist and decided to pop a couple of photos as I stood in the car door while the bird flew overhead. I couldn't see it this close, of course, when I was taking it. But I had my telephoto lens on and was curious to see if i could follow the bird and have a clear image. The thought crossed my mind, wouldn't that be cool if this was an eagle? I squealed out loud when I looked at the photos. AN EAGLE! How amazing is that? Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

chilali said...

SUPER photo!! And catching it just on a whim is even more amazing! I could use some of your talent. :)

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