Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Pitcher

Sometimes I don't realize how much time passes until a moment like this ... He is pitching again! The last time he was in the lens like this (pitching), he was only 11 years old ... 3 YEARS AGO! My little boy is growing up!!! He's never been the small kid in the bunch, but boy does he seem big now! I can hardly believe it. Indulge my mom moment, won't you?

A friend from school was up to bat ... they had challenged each other earlier, so it's GAME ON!

I guess this is a significant moment for me (Can you tell? I've posted 3 photos!) ... I barely have memories of much in my "before" life, but this is one that is vivid ... taking pictures of my son pitching and being so proud. It feels good to see him doing something like this again. He's good! During the previous two years when I just couldn't make it happen for him, I felt awful and dreamed of the day when he could play again. Well, he is!
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