Monday, April 30, 2007

Baseball Duo

Here they are ... having a great time with baseball. I've found that it does a mother good to cheer! And I've had even a little more fun, too. A really great thing happened for my little one's team and I called the local Sports Editor of the Broken Arrow Ledger, Doug Quinn. As I told him about a "mystery donor" that blessed my daughter's team, I shared how she was enjoying baseball and didn't care that she was the only girl on her team. When I said that she even wanted a pink batting helmet so everyone would know she's a girl, he thought that would make a great story! So this weekend, I saw a little picture of my daughter in her pink helmet on the front of the paper and two big pictures in the feature! You can see the infamous pink helmet and read the story online at (it even mentions her big brother) ... WHAT FUN!
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Mel said...

What a CUTIE, and a neat story! I LOVE the pink helmet.
LOVELOVELOVE IT! My favorite color is pink, too. :)

Can't wait to see Madison in person soon!

- Melody

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