Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just as Good as the Ocean

Guess where I am? It's not the ocean (though it feels like it). It is LAKE MICHIGAN! Being from Minnesota, the Great Lakes are a pretty common thing. But I had never seen Lake Michigan from the sky or from the land that I can ever remember. It is massive! And it is beautiful, too. While this has been a tiring trip, the trees and water have been refreshing elements. It does something good for my soul to have sand between my toes and the wind in my face.
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Lynx217 said...

You gotta admit though, Lake Michigan has nothing on Lake Superior when it comes to sheer size. It's the ONE thing I miss about Duluth, that was one good place to get up on top of the hill and see everything for miles around!

Ingrid said...

Lynx ... did you live in MN? I grew up mostly in MN, unfortunately quite a long drive from Lake Superior! Now that I have developed a deeper appreciation for nature, I REALLY want to go up to the Boundary Waters sometime.

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