Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scared Turkey

I scared a wild turkey today ... and he scared me! Of course, not the best photo, but it sure was a moment! I was taking the scenic route back to Grand Rapids and noticed a sign for a nature reserve. I decided to turn off the highway and follow the signs. The pavement turned to gravel. The birds seemed louder. Before long I found the reserve and though it was closed, it had a brochure and well-marked trails. So I took a hike! My peaceful serene photo walk (complete with Dr. Seuss flowers - I'll share that sometime, too) was suddenly turned into a tiny adventure ... for both me and the turkey! Evidently I got too close for comfort and he decided to leave his hiding place. Little did he know, I would never have spied him where he was. The sudden escape sounded more like a mini tornado. After I realized what had happened, I tried to grab a photo of him fleeing the forest. Thankfully he flew AWAY from me - I think he could have taken me down! I didn't know they were so HUGE!
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