Friday, December 14, 2007

Matt Holliday Press Conference

Sometimes we get to tagalong to some interesting things! Tonight? A press conference at Stillwater High School, home of Matt Holliday. They were retiring his numbers from his high school teams tonight. I'm not much into sports (as those of you who know me realize) but I find the "people angle" interesting.

I was impressed with this guy! He seemed very real and was more people-oriented than I expected. He had questions that gave him the opportunity to boast, but he was far from arrogant. Actually, I found him surprisingly humble. But not the slimy "I-want-you-to-see-me-as-humble" kind of thing ... genuinely thankful to be where he is and truly respectful of others. I always appreciate and respect that when I see it (and it doesn't feel like someone saying what he/she "should" for an audience).

My little one came prepared (little puppies in a carrier - one day they will probably be real!) but soon found herself stifling yawns and passing them around as we waited. She was so cute earlier ... she said she wanted to go so she could learn more about soccer. Soccer? She thought he was a soccer player. While we were waiting at the press conference, she asked who was going to be there. I told her, "Mr. Holliday." She said, "Who's that?" Of course, it got a laugh. And then she got shy.

Maybe one day my little Miss M will realize what a cool opportunity this was! I'm actually a little stunned my teenager decided not to come. He's the one who is into sports and even had Matt Holliday on his fantasy team last year! Hmmmmm ... maybe he's just tired of being cooped up in the house with 3 girls (me, M, and Daisy)!

For you fans ... a few more Matt Holliday photos are here (forgive me, I'm not taking time to edit much of anything tonight): Matt Holliday Press Conference
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