Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Heroes Hands and Unexpected Rainbows

Interesting how an oil spill can be both black and beautiful and in this case harmful (I would think) and significant. We visited the USS Arizona today and there is STILL oil bubbling up (and has been since December 7, 1941). Look closely and you'll see the ship under the water's surface.

It was yet another day of history coming alive to me. While I didn't gravitate toward the subject while in school, as an adult I find these things far more significant. One of the best moments of the day was having Kevin point out a Pearl Harbor survivor. It was surprising that no one seemed to be talking to him or even noticing him! Kevin tracked him down, thanked him and shook his hand. It was a pretty special moment. It seemed disrespectful to pull out the cameras, so I shook his hand, too. We talked for a moment, and I felt a sense of awe to be in the presence of a man I would consider to be a hero.

Pretty amazing ... I feel like I grew up a little today.
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