Friday, October 02, 2009

O'ahu - Day 1 and Day 2

Before I go on my next adventure, I'm sharing the highlights of the first 2 days:

Day 1 - TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! It felt like an awfully long day, and it was! It was 14 hours from leaving my house to arriving at the hotel. The word of the day, for me was SUNSET! What a glorious way to enjoy the end of a day. Not to mention a "dinner" of fabulous cheeseburgers with friends, old and new.

Day 2 - BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! From the morning walk where 2 bright blue parrots (there is probably a specific name for them, but I'm not sure what the differences are) were riding on a man's shoulders and then sitting on his bike handles when he went into a store for coffee (yes, they stay, he told me - but he seemed much more comfortable talking to birds than to people).

As I walked back by the cheeseburger restaurant, I hear the waitress telling the couple that the bird near them (looked a little like a pigeon) would gladly sit on one's shoulders. As I look back to eavesdrop more easily, I notice the leathery looking woman at the bus stop has a bird riding in her purse!

That evening at the International Market, a man with more parrots (blazing red and blue) was begging for money by posing his birds with tourists. With the blue on my left shoulder and the red perched on my fist above my head, I felt a little piratey! He couldn't figure out my camera, however, so I may have to find him again later ... we'll see. As I was leaving, he was pressuring a young couple for $5 ... now $10 ... Birds are hungry! That always makes me uncomfortable.

Once again, I could unwind on the beach at sunset ... beautiful ... and learn a hula dance. WOOHOO!
From Oahu 09-2009

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