Friday, January 05, 2007

Brownie Delight ...

FINALLY! We are back to Brownies after a holiday and weather delay! The little girls are so cute. Mine was the "Helper" for the evening (they each have jobs for each meeting) and got to cover for 3 people who weren't there. She LOVED that! My little helper.

After the big meeting, we all went out for pizza (big brother included - who provided some teenage comedy for us adults) and had quite a time with two other friends and their moms! Our waiter was fun and the girls had a great time trying to give him "cooties" ... but the quote that came from the back seat on our way home was accidentally hilarious: Her little voice rang out, "I liked touching Dave! That was fun!" Oh boy. I caught my breath, "WHAT???" Those words from my 7 year old? Ahhh ... the cooties. We burst out laughing when the realization hit! Innocence is so precious.
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