Sunday, January 14, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies ... this is a first!

Even though the weather prevented the big Cookie Kick Off, my little Brownie had ideas of her own about getting the word out about Girl Scout Cookies. She had the thought to send ecards to family and friends and wrote the little letter she wanted. Then we took pictures. She was pretending to "camp" inside my light tent. She picked out the ones she liked (minus a few vetos from Mom) and she gave me her list of pictures for her very own ecard. She wants to save the wild ones for her ecard to Hilary Duff. So, if any of you know her email address, feel free to leave a comment! LOL

Though video clips were still on her list upon going to bed, I told her we'd save those for Hilary, too. And while she went to sleep, I took her little handwritten letter (I wish I could have it show up in the titles in her handwriting - it's so cute) and put her ecard together. So, to our friends and family, here comes the newest little cookie salesgirl to hit the town ... drum roll please ... (you can click on the video player image below):

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Did you know that Girl Scout Cookies aren't just a corporate fundraiser? I always thought they were. But the girls actually get cookie credit for what they sell, and they can use it for camps, uniforms, patches, trips, all kinds of things within the Council. Pretty cool! And it's nice for me as a mom to know my child is not just expecting to go places, but is learning to work and help make her own path toward the things she wants to do. And there's also a lot more to Girl Scouts than I ever realized. It's all about leadership and building confidence in girls. But I'll get on my soapbox later. Or maybe I'll blog about it in my other blog: I'm A Girl Scout!

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