Sunday, January 21, 2007

Football Pileup

It was a pileup this afternoon. I think everyone was quite happy to see Kevin today. The dog (who has been classically SCARED of anyone male and slowly has at least accepted Kevin) jumped on him when he came in the door! The guys had their Bears jerseys and had my daughter looking for their "twins" throughout the game. I was quite content to snuggle with the pack on the sofa! Well ... ok ... that's kind of a lie. I did end up taking a pile of photos and finishing lunch and doing dishes and starting supper. The work is never done!
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chilali said...

Cute photo. Really enjoyed looking through your photos and reading many of your entries. Tickled that you've given TLC to a dog who definitely knew how to find the right home. (Just blog-leaping and landed on yours.)

Ingrid said...

Thanks (big grin)!!! I've been told by the vet that the dogs who adopt you are the best ones. She certainly is a sweetheart, and even though I didn't think I was ready for a dog, I'm so glad now!

For those of you who read these comments ... visit chilali's blog! She's got some templates she has designed (I'm especially thinking of you scrapbookers) that you might like!

chilali said...

Oh, thanks for the comment on my blog and the update here. Does the dog have a name? Looks like she's Officially Yours now. :)

And yes, digital scrapbooking is what I have in mind when creating the templates and kits on my site. The internet is filled with scrapbookers and tons of freebies (and for sale). I like to offer some in return for all the wonderful things I've gotten from generous people.

You're so talented, I'm sure the moment you decide to scrapbook a photo or ten, you'll be amazing at it.

Ingrid said...

One day I should post all the names our dog Daisy went through! She is officially Daisy now. After several weeks of hunting for her owners, I had to go out of town ... so upon boarding her, we got her shots and officially adopted her! Of course, she had to have a name ... so we narrowed it down from a dozen or so to "Scout" ... then changed our minds to "Daisy" ... and I could have changed my mind again except that "Daisy" seemed to be the name everyone liked. Now the requests are coming in for additional pets ... my kids must think we live on a farm!

When I get a chance to do some digital scrapbooking, I'll use one of your templates and let you see how it goes!!!

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