Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Tonight is a night of mourning ... over hair. My son had a haircut coming, and if you've seen the blog, he had plenty of it. I had thought we would be taking a photo of a 3-4" reduction in hair, but plans went awry when the stylist basically gave him a BOWL CUT! At least a 2nd stylist stepped in to help shag up the style a bit. And I went on an emergency Wal-Mart run to get some hair products. Unfortunately, I gave all mine away when we moved or we would have had a plentiful stash of goo. So ... I have a feeling he won't be very visible in front of the camera lens and I don't blame him. I really feel sorry for him. He had the longest, coolest hair in school and now he feels like a dork and wants to hide for 2 months.

It's tough to ask a teenager to see past the exterior. Granted, a person should be valued for what's inside, but I have a feeling kids can be ruthless. As a mom, I can see all kinds of opportunity in this ... I want my kids to be confident and enjoy who they are regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. But I also want them to enjoy how they look as well. So ... I'll drag out what's left of my arsenal, get up early, and see what we can do to make his hair unbowl and hopefully get a messy, maybe even cool (is that too much to ask?) hairstyle going tomorrow.

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